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Our Process

We build spaces that are interactive and compelling.

Our Process

  • Initial Consultation

    At the initial consultation we begin the process by evaluating the current sitution and establishing the end goal. We typically meet at the site of the project for the initial consultation in order to better understand the scope of the project.
  • Pre-Construction

    During pre-construction plans are developed and finishes are specified. We can assist in this phase by consulting with you and your architect to help identify potential problems and provide solutions for your specific needs. This step is important in order to clarify the details of the project and eliminate confusion during construction. From years of experience we have learned that without proper plans and specifications unmet expectations often result.
  • Pricing

    After your plans are complete, an accurate estimate can be established. We use the most accurate method of estimating called quantity take-off. It is more time consuming but also far more accurate than other methods. This gives you less risk and uncertainty as you begin construction.
  • Construction

    When an agreement is reached and the contract is signed, we manager and oversee your job from start to finish. Your project manager ensures that the project stays on schedule and on budget. All material, labor, and sub-contractors are coordinated by the project manager, and building inspections are scheduled to make sure all building codes are met. In order to create consistent quality and maintain the correct course of action, each project manager follows the same system.
  • Post-Construction

    Once your project is complete, you can rest knowing that we stand behind our work. Our aim is to excellence on every project through quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. If a problem does arise we will be there to make it right.